The 183 goals

August 11th, 2007

In no particular order, here are the 183 goals. Allow about 15-20 minutes to have a read through them all. You will find some that you may think are easy (i.e. goal 93), some that you may think are a little harder (i.e. goal 177) and some that I will need your help on (i.e. goal 89). I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy reading.

1. Take a meditation class – Done

2. Learn to play the guitar

3. Be a contestant on a TV game show – Done

4. Abstain from alcohol for 100 consecutive days – Done

5. See the Northern Lights

6. Complete a half-marathon – Done

7. Do a property management course

8. Avoid all McDonalds for six months – Done

9. Host 10 dinner parties

10. Be an extra in a movie

11. Donate blood – Done

12. Visit the Melbourne Aquarium – Done

13. Get a boating licence – Done

14. Get a motorbike licence – Done

15. Play my violin at least twice a month for six consecutive months

16. Go on a follow-up Buddhism course

17. Work at an advertising agency

18. Meet Sir Richard Branson – Progress

19. Have a Seinfeld marathon weekend, watching every episode

20. Win a poker tournament

21. Learn to play bridge – Done

Fixing Patriarchy: Feminism and Mid-Victorian Male Novelists

22. Learn to play canasta – Done

23. Meet Seth Godin

24. Have a child – Done

Jazz Saxophone Duets

25. Patent an invention

26. Start a business – Done

27. Visit southern Africa

28. Watch seven hours or less of TV per week for eight consecutive weeks – Done

29. Watch no television for one week – Done

30. Read a non-fiction book on Robert Mugabe – Done

31. Learn the national flag of every country – Done

32. Put my cloth badges (which I have collected from different countries and places for many years) on display

33. Buy a family home

34. Beat Mario 1 on Nintendo – Done

35. Be less pedantic about bad spelling and grammar

36. Complete a basic mechanics course on how a car works

37. Shoot a round of under 100 in golf

38. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk – Done

39. Get a meaningful tattoo

40. Complete a marathon

41. Take a Mini Cooper for a test drive – Done

Professional Liability and Property Transactions

42. Start a Masters degree

43. Compete in the Birdman Rally

44. Learn to cook fish – Done

45. Participate in a scooter rally

46. Go geocaching and find a cache – Done

47. Go to Broome – Done

48. Do a ninjutsu

Medium-Capacity Rail Transport System: Docklands Light Railway, Copenhagen Metro, Circle Mrt Line, South Island Line, Downtown Mrt Line
class – Done

49. Send my Mum flowers for no special reason – Done

50. Call both Mum and Dad ten times in two consecutive months – Done

51. Go bungee jumping – Done

52. Go to Iceland and soak in the thermal springs – Done

New Revised Cambridge GED Program: Comprehensive Book

53. Read a book by five authors I have never read before – Done

54. Do a wine appreciation course – Done

55. Win a pool tournament

56. Play in a Scrabble tournament – Done

57. Send out Christmas cards one Christmas – Done

58. Write ten handwritten letters to friends and family

59. Fly in a jet fighter – Done

60. Learn to surf – Done

61. Learn to snow ski or snowboard – Done

62. Take Nat out to dinner at least once a month for six consecutive months – Done

63. Go sailing – Done

64. Go on a Buddhist or meditation retreat –

Dogs in the Louvre

65. Do a short course in lateral thinking

66. Take a road trip to QLD, WA or NT in a combi van

67. Go on a houseboat holiday with friends

68. Drink two litres of water every day for one month – Done

69. Complete the Oxfam TrailwalkerDone

70. Learn to juggle five balls

71. Learn basic sign language - Done

72. Travel first class on a plane without paying extra for the privilege

73. Have five card nights – Done

74. Go camping at least six times in three years (2/6), including at least one trip to the southern Grampians – Progress

75. Visit the Melbourne Immigration Museum

76. Learn more about my family history – Done

Crimes of Hate: Selected Readings

77. Get dirty at La Tomatina

78. Go to ten live performances – Done

79. Fly in a hot air balloon – Done

80. Learn to ride a unicycle – Progress

Nutrition: An Applied Approach (2nd Edition)

81. Go scuba diving – Done

Question of Physics Conversations In Physics and Biology

82. Complete AI Escargot

Adventure Guide to Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Adventure Guides Series)
, the world’s hardest Sudoku – Done

83. Successfully land a backflip

84. Live overseas for at least six months – Done

The Little Brothers

85. Sell something on e-bay – Done

86. Buy a new plant every month for six months

87. Send out ten ‘messages in a bottle’, with the message directing them back to this website via a secret URL that I won’t reveal until it is completed.

88. Set up an investment portfolio

89. Have a fundraiser event and raise at least $5,000 for a charity – Get involved

Spectacular String-Pieced Quilts: A Pattern Book

90. Visit a winery in the Yarra Valley

91. Do a bike maintenance course – Done

92. Watch every Best Picture Academy Award winning movie – Progress

93. Bake a cake from scratch – Done

94. Do a cooking course

95. Be a part owner in a greyhound or a racehorse

96. Do something significant to promote the issue of global warming – Done

97. Visit the Australia Zoo – Done

98. Be part of a world record – Done

99. Solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 183 seconds – Done

100. Completely finish a crossword – Done

101. Volunteer for a charity – Done

102. Watch the Matrix trilogy – Done

103. Read every Harry Potter book, and watch every movie - Done

Avionics Troubleshooting and Repair

104. Watch an AFL match from a corporate box – Done

105. Go away on a trip, just with Dad

106. Buy a scooter – Done

107. Make a short film and enter it into a short film contest

108. Fish in the Gulf of Carpenteria

109. Brew, bottle, name and label my own beer

110. Go to a beer tasting day – Done

111. Go to the London Olympics – Done

112. Complete the CityChase competition – Done

113. Design my own t-shirt – Done

114. Go to a public place in the middle of the day in my pyjamas – Done

115. Get my teeth whitened – Done

116. For every goal not achieved by February 28, 2013, donate $1 to a charity - Done

117. Perform in a local theatre production

118. Learn to play a great song on piano, like The Entertainer

119. Have a snake wrapped around my shoulders – Done

120. Go to Ireland – Done

Guitar One Presents Music Theory for Guitar

121. Go to New York – Done

122. Go to Antarctica

123. Try five new recipes – Done

124. Learn to use Photoshop proficiently

125. Try brain – Done

126. Have my IQ and EQ tested – Done

127. Try escargot and frog’s legs – Done

Below the Line: Producers and Production Studies in the New Television Economy

128. Build the website to track Project 183, and get a blog to link to this website – Done

129. Avoid using the lift at work for six consecutive months – Done

The Snakes of South Africa; Their Venom and the Treatment of Snake Bite

130. Devise the perfect crime but never perform it (if you would like to be part of the brainstorming and creation process, please let me know. I need people with a strength in lateral thinking)

131. Get a birdie in golf

132. This goal will be decided by the first person to read this and then put a goal in the comments for me to do – What is the goal?

Climbing: The Complete Reference

133. Kick a goal from 50 metres out on either the Telstra Dome or MCG

134. Go to Darwin

135. Be featured in a newspaper or magazine article – Done

136. Busk as a human statue

137. Say hello to ten strangers in one day – Done

138. Renovate my unit with air-conditioning, new oven and new paint job

139. Go to a Melbourne Victory soccer match – Done

140. Go to a South Dragons basketball match – Done

God and a Baby Boomer

141. Travel through every station on the Melbourne train network in one day- Done

Atlas of the Difficult Airway

142. Complete in the national Rock, Paper, Scissors championships – Done

143. Juggle three balls non-stop for thirty minutes – Done

144. Visit my brother Nicholas in Warrnambool – Done

145. Go skydiving again (did it in NZ in 2006, and loved it) – Done

146. Complete a triathalon - Done

147. Build something useful with wood – Done

148. Give a second chance to three foods I don’t currently like – Done

149. Write a will – Done

150. Swim with dolphins

151. Do a short course in French – Done

152. Play in a tennis tournament

153. Go to Las Vegas and win one hand at a poker table

154. Pay £20 for a Big Issue magazine and let the seller keep the change – Done

155. Invest in a biotech company that is focused on developing drugs for diabetes – Done

156. Complete the Kokoda Track

157. Buy a piece of art with an interesting story behind it – Done

158. Do a big clean out and have a garage sale

159. See Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap in London – Done

160. Learn five really good magic tricks and perform them to an audience of at least ten people

161. Go to Gallipoli

162. Attend a dawn Anzac Day service – Done

163. Spend one day with silence – Done

164. Complete a very difficult jigsaw puzzle – Done

165. Get check-ups from the doctor and the dentist – Done

166. Buy a bike – Done

167. Have an acupuncture session – Done

168. See the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in concert – Done

169. See the Crusty Demons perform live

170. Catch a fish that is over 5kg

171. Play in an ultimate frisbee competition – Done

172. Form and play in a basketball team

173. Learn archery – Done

174. See the Red Bull Air Race live

175. Do aid work in Asia

176. See Welsh comedian Mark Watson perform live – Done

177. Perform a stand-up routine

178. Play lawn bowls – Done

179. Go back to Nepal and trek with Mani, who was my guide last time I went

180. Do five things from the ‘Change the world for a fiver’ book – Done

181. Complete a really big Lego project – Done

182. Go to the top of the Eureka Tower – Done

183. Build a personal website - Done

Well, there they are. 183 goals. Did you find many that you have already done? No doubt yes. There is a comments section just below here. Feel free to share your thoughts before you depart. I look forward to reading them.