New blog

December 12th, 2013

Having had a blogging break for several months, I got the itch again and have started a new blog.

This one is at the moment just a series of ramblings, with no central theme. Just my thoughts really.

If interested, check it out here

The State of the World's Children 1996


March 11th, 2013

Back in 2007 while away camping, a friend and I both decided to create bucket lists.

I decided to put a deadline on mine of my 30th birthday, which seemed a lifetime away.

Yesterday, that day arrived. I turned 30, bringing to an end what has been an amazing journey. Here I am with my two favourite people in the world, Nat and Chloe.

I may not have completed all the goals, but at the end of the day the point of the project was simply to try new things, take on life a bit more, and perhaps inspire a couple of people to start their own lists too. I feel like I have achieved this.

Below are answers to a few of the questions I have been asked so far, but feel to ask any others below.

What goals did I enjoy the most/am most proud of?

Here is a top seven (couldn’t cut it to just five), chosen for different reasons:

Goal 24 (Have a baby)
Really needs no explanation. Chloe is just awesome.

Goal 26 (Start a business)
This goal came with lots of obstacles, from legal to financial, but I have learnt so much in the process that will continue with me for the rest of my working life.

Goal 46 (Go geocaching)
One element of the project was to help me find new hobbies, and in geocaching I have definitely found one. Great to do on your own, as a team, wherever and whenever you want. And it’s free. Can’t ask for much better than that.

Goal 69 (Complete the Oxfam Trailwalker)
This one was extra sweet giving I failed at the first attempt, and had to wait five years for redemption. And we raised a great deal of money for Oxfam.

Goal 96 (Do something to promote global warming)

Transit Oriented Development: Making It Happen

This goal showed me that one person can have a big positive impact if channelled in the right way, with a simple idea plus an opportunity leading to thousands of trees being planted.

Goal 141 (Travel the entire Melbourne train network in one day)
This was the goal that took the project from being read by a few people to one being read by hundreds (and up to 2,000 a day for a few short days). My plan was to complete the journey, with no fuss or coverage. I contacted Connex (the old operator) to let them know, as I thought they might like to know, but once their PR machine got involved, it became much bigger than first planned. My top highlight – getting to sit in the driver’s carriage.

Goal 146 (Complete a triathlon)
Of all the goals, this was among the hardest. I trained several times a week for four months in preparation for this, and the feeling of getting across the finish line was amazing.

What’s next?

I have a few plans already in the works, including something that will hopefully help people become more productive.

My next decade won’t involve a long list or an official project – maintaining this blog for the past 6 years has been a labour of love but also hard work, and I am looking forward to having a break.

A couple of things I know I would like to learn are piano and snowboarding (a natural combination, I know). So that is where more of my time will be spent in the future.

And generally just being as good a dad and husband as I can be.

Any tips for starting a list?

- Make any goal measurable

- Don’t make the list too long (I think mine was a bit too long). I would suggest a list of 50 (you can always add a new goal for each one you complete)

- Don’t add a goal you don’t want to do, deep down. Without passion you will never achieve it

- Tell a few friends. You will be amazed at what other people can help you achieve, that you would not have expected

- Put your list somewhere that you will see it regularly. The fridge, the toilet door or by your bed are a few options

Any final words?

Without readers, this website would not have become what it is today. You inspired me to keep going when there were times that I could have taken the easy route and stopped. Thank you to everyone who has stumbled across this site and taken a look, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future pursuits.

All the best,
Heath Tully

Month completed: March 2013

I always knew there would be a few goals left as I reached the climax of this project.

As at February 28, that figure stood at 74.

Thankfully, my missed achievements aren’t in vain, as I decided early on that I would give a dollar for every goal I missed out on.

The charity I chose was the Starlight Children’s Foundation, as I have a personal connection with them and think they do great work.

Plus, very coincidentally when you make a donation online, there is an option of choosing exactly $74 (it was meant to be!)

According to the website, my donation will allow Starlight to transform the hospital experience for 2 children. I’m not sure there is a much better way to ever spend $74, and it certainly makes any pain from not completing goals completely disappear.

9 days to go and counting…

To use a horse racing phrase, I am rounding the final bend.

On March 10 I will be turning 30.

With 74 goals to go, not sure I am going to get them all done, but let’s see if I can at least knock a few off the list.

Month completed: December/January 2013

Living on the opposite side of the world to the rest of the family means Skype is a big part of our life.

Calls back home, keeping in mind the time difference back to Australia, were a reasonably regular occurrence.

However, with the arrival of Chloe, staying in touch has become even more important.

I don’t keep tallies of how often Nat and I are speaking to our parents, but it is certainly multiple times a week now.

Can’t wait to get home in a couple of months to actually see everyone though – it’s been over 18 months since we have seen the family.

Here’s a simple notepad for your ‘to do’ list, with a Shakespeare twist.

Available from Old Tom Foolery

Month completed: October 2012

In preparation for the arrival of Chloe

Introduction to Algebra
, and being the man of the house, it fell to me to put together all of the necessary baby items.

One of these was the nappy changing table.

After a little procrastinating, I took upon this challenge one Saturday morning in late October.

As soon as the box was opened I discovered the enormity of the task.

There were literally dozens of different screws, wooden dowel, hinges, and an overwhelming variety of wood panels. This was no simple allen key Ikea job!

With my trusty set of screwdrivers I set to work. Despite several hiccups along the way (I blame the instructions), a mere six hours later the change table was complete!

And so far so good – Chloe has already used it dozens of times, and it has done the job quite well (apart from the door of the drawer falling off once).

Goal 24 (Have a child) – Done

November 9th, 2012

Month completed: November 2012

You may have noticed the posts have slowed down on the blog over the past few months, and for good reason.

With Nat’s help (in fact, she did pretty much all of the work!) goal 24 on the list is now complete.

Meet Chloe Eliza Tully.

Chloe was born on November 6 (a momental day, with Obama getting re-elected and Green Moon winning the Melbourne Cup), and weighed in at just roughly 7 pounds 5 ounces.

And I have to say that ever since that moment, our lives have done a 360 degree turn. What used to be important pales into insignificance right now, and Nat and I are over the moon with our little bundle of joy.

We are slowly getting to grips with changing dirty nappies, and sleepless nights. Here is me after about 48 hours without a decent rest…

It goes without saying that this is my favourite goal of the challenge so far, and even if it was the last I achieve before I turn 30 next March I would not care.

Thank you Nat for what you have brought into the world. I now have two beautiful girls in my life, and feel blessed beyond belief.

Overcoming your fears

October 28th, 2012

Long time, no speak

October 14th, 2012

It has been a while since my last post, Nat mentioned to me yesterday.

She is right, it has been a while (nearly two months!).

In that time I have been:

I have also been preparing for one of the biggest goals so far on the list…more on that soon.

I hope you are all continuing to knock things off your respective lists.